Supporting wellbeing through nature and art activities

The Stepping into Nature project have created ‘Your Seasons of Stories’ – a beautifully designed, illustrated and filmed assortment of nature inspired creative writing and art activities.  These are available as downloadable activity booklets, art, templates and short films. 

This joint project was created by the Stepping into Nature project working with the incredibly talented team of poet Sarah Acton, storyteller Martin Maudsley, artists Ilse Black and Sarah Jane Ross, designer Spike Golding and videographer Ben Ingram.

The activities encourage people to be creative with tips and activities around loosening up, finding your creative flow, being in the moment and trying out different skills. They are great for adults of any age and ability and are adaptable to being done indoors or out, in groups or individually, and with minimal materials.

Note: Each activity booklet has a accompanying film as shown below.  The gift boxes are no longer avaialable.  

Be inspired through film

Watch the films that have been captured across the Dorset landscape and feature the poet, storyteller and visual artists involved in the project. 

About Stepping into Nature

This project is about helping older people, people with dementia, carers and people with long term health conditions connect to nature.

Wild Self

Combining nature with personalities through storytelling and art.  Useful items: paper, pen, wax crayons, natural object, water based paint etc


Loosen up and draw outdoors with others using ‘The Mirror Game’.  Useful items: paper, pen, pencil, charcoal, blanket/seat to go outdoors.


Journey through seasonal changes using story and art.  Useful items: Pencil, Colouring pencils, wheel of change template, split pin, 


Go through the process of cyanotype printing – a process of using sun activated dyes. Useful items: Cyanotype dyes/paper, glass frame, bucket/water. 


Capture the mood and pace of nature through art and poetry. Useful items: pen, pencil, paint,paintbrush, paper, clipboard and water.

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